Creekside Middle Tech web site


Showcase the projects and activities of the Technology Lab at Creekside Middle School. Pictures, videos, stories.

Explore WordPress and make some suggestions for the Creekside Tech web site.

Publish your own post. Try these and write your observations in a new post.

  • If you haven’t set up your WordPress account yet, do it now.Before you can post, you will have to be a user for this site. Any of the other administrators can help with this.
  • Find the Follow button. Add your email address so you will get an email whenever something new is posted on the site.
  • Check out the Themes. Select the free ones. Find 2 that you like. Note the customization features such as the header image size, menu location options.
  • Suggest some ideas for what to put on the Creekside Tech web site

Want more challenges?

  • Add a picture to the Media Library and add it as a Header image
  • Suggest some site “pages”. These will be visible all the time and should contain important information about Creekside Tech.
  • There as some sample pages. Should these be updated or removed?

Things to think about

  • Pick a “look” and a Theme for the site.
  • Who is going to update the pages? Who will add new information? How often will there be new posts?
  • Learn more about WordPress – widgets, menus, categories, medi
  • Image size – standard size for images for the web site. Featured image. Images in post and pages. Test using images of different sizes. Sample images.

As a project:

  • review the current site – some work from last year. Check the layout, the information, … What do you like? What would you do differently?
  • research – find web sites for middle schools, high schools, clubs, US FIRST teams. What do you like about the site? What should be included in the Creekside Tech site? 8-10 examples
  • about – concept. What will be on the site? Who is the primary audience? Who is going to do what? How often should there be updates, new information?
  • formalize the core team –  Who will be contributing? Is anyone particularly interested in developing the site graphics and layout? Photography? Video? Writing? Does anyone have any experience with blogging? Creating web pages?
  • plan, schedule, responsibilities – what, when, who. What specific pieces of the web site will be added? When will these be completed?
  • videos – learn about including short videos on a web site powered by WordPress. What do you need to know to make, edit and included videos?
  • pictures – learn about including pictures on a web site powered by WordPress. Can phone photos be used? How can pictures be transferred from phones to the web site.
  • site “theme” – look through the free WordPress themes. Pick several that would be appropriate for the Creekside Tech site.
  • accounts – Who needs to be able to add or edit information on the web site? What process needs to be in place to ensure that nothing inappropriate gets published to the internet? Who should have responsibility for the information?
  • showcase – select projects and activities to feature. What are the exciting projects? How do these projects get built? What do kids learn in the process? What competitions do kids participate in?
  • project example – create a rough draft of a “project” display. What would be included? Find examples from other schools or organization that are similar to what you want to “show and tell”.
  • progress – weekly. Keep a record of this information. Decide how to save your progress reporting. How is it going? What got done last week? Did you have any problems? What is planned for next week? Do you have everything you need for that? Questions?
  • documentation – for someone updating and maintaining the site. What was the overall process? What are the important things about the site? How do you change or update the information? What do you wish you had known before you got started?

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