Great article about local FIRST Robotics teams in the News-Journal.

Thank you to the Creekside sponsors – VMA and Futures for helping make this possible.
Volusia ‘supernerds’ gear up for international robotics competition

Creekside Middle School Cougars and Robots of the Future, an elementary/middle school team made up primarily of home-schooled students, were also testing out their robots in separate classrooms at Spruce Creek.

Both teams compete in the FIRST Lego League, a competition that involves building Lego Mindstorm robots and competing on a table with multiple interactive apparatus to score points, Heather Vargas said. The Cougars are going to an international invitational in Arkansas, and both the Cougars and the Robots of the Future are competing at the state tournament in May.

The Cougars won a bid for their project that uses vision processing on a robotic lure to attract desired fish, like tuna, and avoid catching other sea life, like dolphins or sea turtles.


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