Engineering is everywhere. Most of the objects and structures we encounter everyday were designed and built by people with connections to engineers and engineering. Engineering combines both Arts and Sciences.

Try this… – Learn more about real engineering through these hands-on projects. New projects are added regularly so check back often.

Maker projects – a collection of ideas for things to make with simple materials

  • Balloon Rocket Car – learn the concepts of Newton’s Law of Motion, friction, jet propulsion, and air resistance by designing and constructing a balloon powered rocket car. Build a Balloon Rocket Car that can extract the most energy out of the inflated balloon and make the vehicle travel the longest distance.
    Other versions: Balloon Rocket Car (NASA)

Programming, coding

  • Hour of Code – join millions of people who are participating in this yearly event
  • Scratch, Scratch Jr. – from MIT, create your own interactive stories and multimedia games with computer programming

3D Thinking – spatial reasoning, visualization

  • Spatial Awareness Puzzles – test your ability to grasp the relationship and orientation of an object to its environment and any neighboring objects.
  • Isometric drawing – represent these LEGO block structures as isometric drawings. isodotpaper (.pdf)
  • Spatial Reasoning Test – think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information.
  • Tinkercad – online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone. Make toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry – the list is truly endless!

Engineering Everywhere – notice, discover, share

  • Show & Tell – Find examples of engineering in everyday life. Research the engineering that went into the design and construction. Create a mini-presentation to show what you discovered. Thinglink, Glogster, Prezi
  • Tech Lab web site – contribute to the web site – send pictures, videos, stories, links to interesting resources

Personal projects – design and develop your own

  • 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering – some ideas for big problems that you can contribute to solving right here, right now
  • Imagine app… – describe a smartphone app that meets a need.  What would the app do? Who would use it? Why is this useful, interesting and/or important? MIT App Inventor
  • Games – create your own online engineering game. Scratch

Please try these and give your feedback and suggestions to AJ, Mr.Collins or Ms.Taylor.

  • Check out Quizlet Live – as good as or better than Kahoot! for last 5 minutes quizzes, activities?
  • Do the 3D Thinking Quiz. Encourage every one to complete the quiz so there is a record of their first attempt. We will do this again after some more puzzles and activities.
  • Review these Last 5 Minutes activities – video, Kahoot!s and Quizlets – identify ones to use for the last 5 minutes of class. keep track of ones that are interesting and suitable.
  • LEGO League – work on project, coding, core values presentation – ready for pre-qualification tournaments
  • sound – guess input form, prizes
  • tech lab web site
  • brainstorming – update challenges, save ideas to post
  • design a toyengineering design process
  • 3D drawing – isometric dot paper, image, footprint > draw, rotation ? separate page from spatial thinking quiz

activities – plan, prototype

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